Rhode IslandResidenceRevisited
ConceivedCreatedExecutedbyCLAYb.SMOOKaia partner in charge
Elevations Project Scope:

Addition and alteration to an existing residence

Project Location:

South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Project Completion Date:

June 1995


Master Bedroom Suite, Cabana, Garage, Screened Porch, Exterior Decks, Storage Areas and Internal Reconfiguration of First Floor Living Spaces. (Existing House - 1690 SF) (Expanded House - 2250 SF + Garage, Cabana, Storage)


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Rhode Island Revisited
Site Plan
Total Construction Cost:

$225,000.00 (Approximately $150.00 / SF)

Property Area: 3 Acres

Primary Construction Materials:

Structural Timber - Georgia Pacific I-Beams, Douglas Fir

Decking Structure - Pressure Treated Lumber

Exterior Siding - White Cedar Shingles, Red Cedar   Clapboards,Redwood Trim

Windows - Anderson Windows

Exterior Finish - Olympic Semi-Transparent Stain (Body of   House) Benjamin Moore Paint (Trim)

Interior Flooring - Red Oak Tongue and Groove