Rhode IslandResidenceRevisited
ConceivedCreatedExecutedbyCLAYb.SMOOKaia partner in charge
South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Located on a bulb-shaped peninsula in southern Rhode Island, this is an addition and alteration to a residence originally designed by Clay Smook aia, in the late 1980's. Initially designed on a limited budget, the house consisted of a simple two-story structure. In 1991 new owners decided to expand. The design for the project was conceived much in the manner of a small town. The concept for the expansion was to use the original gabled form as a framework around which a series of complimentary forms were constructed. Rooms are oriented to take advantage of views outside and also allow the visitor to look back on the building itself.

The design fulfills the functional requirements of the program, as the forms evoke images of structures found throughout rural New England. The result is an interrelationship of building forms that interact with this unique site, instilling a visual playfulness and delight to this vacation retreat.

Completed in 1995, this island paradise is a sculptural essay that surprises the client with each visit.

Assorted views
Exterior View
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